Welcome to MET-HSS Hub

About us

This space is for members of MET's Humanities and Social Science special interest group. The group sprang from a workshop given by anthropologist, authors' editor, translator, and founding MET member Susan DiGiacomo at METM18 (presentation abstract). At METM19, the group held a panel discussion on what makes editing and translating social science texts different from editing and translating other kinds of texts (panel abstract) and a group member presented on virtual co-working sessions (presentation abstract). This Hub was born after METM19 when Theresa and Wendy had an idea. To join you must be an active (i.e. paid) member of MET.

Why we're here

This is our dedicated space for discussing, sharing, and querying all things humanities and social science through our work as authors' editors, translators and writers. We also use this space to collaborate, co-work, co-write and build a community of practice.

To join

If you are an active MET member working in the humanities and social sciences, click the red 'Request to Join' button above and join us in the Hub.